18th c. undergarments

here’s some evidence of my lack of follow-through… :/

my half-finished set of 18th century underwear.  shift made from unbleached plain linen, pretty simple.  a striped linen petticoat, a la Katherine’s Dress Site, which I loved the look of so much that I simply copied it.  my stays, as you may be able to tell, are not yet finished; I have to attach the straps still, and they are unbound because my first attempt at binding was too sloppy for my standards, and I haven’t yet redone the job.  the stays are made of two inner layers of cotton muslin, a lining of some very soft white cotton material that I had laying around (probably not period accurate, but, well.) and the outer is a rose-coloured shot silk (not, in retrospect, the best choice for my first try at making stays… but if foresight was 20/20, the world would be so dull ;D)  they’re far from perfect, but for my first real attempt at stays, I’m pleased.  I made up the pattern myself, and it’s sort of a mishmash of a few different patterns that I’d seen before.  the boning in the stays, just to note, is made from plastic packing strips that I got from the garbage at work, for free.  certainly not period accurate, but cheap and convenient :3

I’d like to make another set of stays before I take a crack at a gown, just because I’m sort of a perfectionist.  as for accuracy, however… well, I’m loathe to pay for boning when we’ve just got piles of the stuff laying around at work that just gets thrown away, and is exactly the same size, width, and consistency of corset boning.  I guess we’ll see how the budget is looking when I get there…

I’ll update when I’ve finished off this set of underclothes; hopefully with some pictures of me actually wearing them.  I’ll be honest, they’re not much to look at on their own, but on the dressform, somehow they manage to look even worse…


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