Jasmine petticoat.


quick pic of a petticoat I made some while ago.  I made this to go under a Jasmine costume, which I made out of a gorgeous raspberry purple silk crepe, but which had the unfortunate habit of clinging to my shins and riding up.  I needed something to give the skirt some shape, but just natural shape, so I made this out of some leftover cotton muslin.  it turned out a bit heavy – not ideal for the costume I was wearing it with – but I rather like how it hangs and swishes.  I think it will be better suited for a more substantial costume – a victorian bustle dress, if I ever get around to that project.

as far as construction goes, it’s just two strips of muslin for the skirt, and three much longer ones for the ruffles.  ties with a ribbon I happened to have nearby.  the only thing worth noting is that the drawstring only goes halfway around – one half of the petticoat is entirely flat while the other half is gathered.  that’s just because I wasn’t planning ahead and had to add a panel of fabric to the back side at the last minute, but it turned out alright because the extra surface area will help it to fit better over a bustle, should I end up making one. :p


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