convertible top

a top I whipped up today after finding this fabric on clearance at JoAnn and falling in love.  It’s so bold, such a fun colour!  it’s a nice stretchy jersey, so I felt I had to make a convertible top.  I had to fudge it a bit, since I only had 1.5 yards, but it turned out alright.  I cut four by 1.5 yard strips and sewed them together to make two by 3 yard, so there’s a seam halfway down each strip, but it doesn’t bother me much.

If I tie it the wrong way, you can see the seams, but oh well.  I just love the stripes, the colour.  the fabric is really light and airy, which I love for a summer top – I have two convertible dresses already, and they’re both fairly heavy.  my tying options are limited, anyway, because my chest is so big – I found that out the hard way the first time I made one of these.  so I made the overlap wider than usual and figured I can wrap it to hide the seams.


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