mini Marie Antoinette

some in-progress pics of what I’m making my mum for Mother’s Day this year.  she loves all things Marie Antoinette, so I was pondering over what to get her this year, when I remembered I had piles of felt laying around waiting to be used up.

she’s mostly done; the sleeves are all I have left of the body, and of course she needs a head.  I based her gown off the blue gown with the red belt from the movie, which has always been a favorite of mine, and one I do someday want to recreate in full.  I have to say, it was fun to make it in miniature.

I based the doll body off the patterns at Nuno Life.  I wasn’t thinking ahead, so I made the body round, and then thought, how am I going to make this dress look right?  the answer: stays, of course!  they’re even spiral-laced in the back, to be period-accurate, because I’m a geek.  (of course, she’s glaringly lacking a shift to be really accurate, but I didn’t want it to be bulky.)  the gown, in fact, is en fourreau, as well for accuracy.

will post some more pics when she’s finished.  hopefully better quality pics.  I couldn’t find a good place to photograph this, since my place is a disaster area at the moment.  I’m moving in a few weeks and there’s crap everywhere D:  in light of that, I’m not going to try taking on any big projects until after I’m moved, but I already know what I want my first one to be: an edwardian corset.  I’ve started gathering supplies and I’m itching to get working on it, but I have to stop myself.  eek. >_<


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