dress for wedding.

the dress I ended up wearing to my brother’s wedding last month.  I whipped it up last minute as per usual, so it’s pretty simple.



I used the Gail dress pattern from Burdastyle.com, slightly modified.  I didn’t like how the high collar looked on me so I substituted a strap of braided fabric.  I also widened the skirt on the chiffon outer layer so that it has a nice swishy feel to it (I just love a swishy dress. :P)  I’m pleased with how it turned out overall.

the wedding went off fabulously, of course.


I’m now working on a set of Civil War era undergarments, which I will eventually get some pictures of.  I found a pretty decent Simplicity pattern for a 1863 shift, pantalettes, and stays.  the pattern is endorsed by the Museum Society, which works for me.  I’m halfway through building the corset, now I just have to wait for the rest of my supplies to arrive before I can finish it.  I hate being limited by the only fabric/sewing store around being the JoAnn fabrics on the other side of town.  the nearest specialty store, for corsets, boning and such, is two and a half hours away.  sigh.