yep. another three months!

time gets away from me so quickly.  November vanished in a heartbeat due to NaNoWriMo (which, by the way, I won for the first time in seven years!)  the past two months, I’ve been working on a show at my local theater guild, which I’ve been doing costume design for.  that’s pretty much where all of my free time has gone lately.

you may notice the look of my site has changed a bit.  the title has changed as well.  I know that “shit I make” pretty accurately describes my entire creative process, but it didn’t seem very people-friendly.  so now we have “sewing before machines”.  this is mean to describe the things I’m interested in sewing, not the actual method I use, since I do a lot of anachronistic machine sewing.  anyway I like it.

this small update is to say that, and also that I haven’t given up on my set of stays.  actually, I hadn’t touched them once between the last post I made and a week ago, but I’ve made up a lot of ground since then!  I’ll have some pictures in the next post.


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