Three Musketeers : bodices

finally! progress!! just some quick shots of what I’ve been working on for The Three Musketeers. I spent all day today on these.


the pattern I drafted myself, based on the 1562 velvet bodies in Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 3. (my mum gave me the whole series for my birthday last week – score!) the play is set 1625, but the look of this bodice is basic enough to work.



this is the “Sabine” bodice. the piece on the left in the first picture is with my original boning pattern – which was quickly evident that it wasn’t going to be enough, although the actress is a tiny thing, so I added a bit more boning to the center. the second picture is the inside of the bodice with full boning.


grommeting. ugh!!


the (almost) finished bodice. it closes at the front with hooks and eyes, and laces up the back sides for easy size adjustment. this bodice has to be quickly taken off on-stage, so lacing it shut wasn’t an option. besides, hooks and eyes are perfectly period!



this is the “Constance” bodice, front and back. same pattern, but with a closed front. I based the trim design off some fashion plates from the era. again with grommets – yurrrrgh. I hate grommets, hate how they look, and it bugs me that they’re NOT PERIOD. but this is theater. and I don’t have the time for hand-sewing forty costumes. so I figure that if grommets are the worst thing up on the stage when I’m done, I’ll have done pretty well. still…



here is a sleeve, which is lined with the blue from the “Sabine” bodice because that’s what I had around at the time. and the second picture is just a tube of stuffed fabric which will be attached to the shoulder with some black trim. because I am a dunce, I sewed my front sleeve bands to the inside of the bodice. so I thought… how do I attach sleeves without a sleeve band, and also make this thing still wearable? and that’s where I stopped taking pictures, so you’ll have to find out in the next post. which may be… tomorrow! I’m planning on finishing these two pieces, and hopefully drafting two ballgown bodices as well.


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