Three Musketeers – Milady

here’s what I worked on today. this is one of Milady’s outfits. it’s made of mole skin, which I was cursing every second of the process. the color in the pictures isn’t quite true; the bodice is a dark burgundy and the skirt is more mauve-colored. (I know my pictures are sucking more and more – I keep forgetting to bring my camera with me! I only had my iPad and, despite what the ad might claim, it is not a match for my Nikon.)


pleating the skirt. mole does not pleat well. or iron well. or really do anything that I want it to do well. I pleated this thing for like an hour before I was really satisfied with the look.


my mum’s cat was extremely helpful by way of getting hair all over my fabric and chewing holes in my arms when I tried to remove her from the area.



the nearly-finished bodice, front and back. I used the same pattern as before, slightly modified. I pulled the strap down to sit on the shoulder and made the bodice back-lacing and front-closing with hooks and eyes (not yet sewn on.) the top and bottom edge of the bodice is bound with bias-cut strips of the same fabric – quelle nightmare! when I say that stuff does not want to hold a crease, I’m not kidding. I love the look and feel of mole but when I was at the fabric store loading bolts into my cart, I conveniently forgot that I hate to sew with it. the bias-binding alone took me at least an hour.


an almost decent picture of the finished product. the sleeves are open to the shoulder and will tie shut over a big poofy white sleeve. all that’s left to do is hem the skirt, which I want to do after fitting the actress, and the hooks and eyes, which I only didn’t do today because I ran out.

the style of this gown is kind of a mish-mash of several styles of the period, which I don’t like. but the director had some specific requirements for this costume, so I winged it. that should be my slogan, shouldn’t it? “wingin’ it: adventures in historical costuming!” hm, I might use that.



sneak peak of my other in-progress project for this show! made from curtains! what do you think it’s going to be? đŸ˜€


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