Updates on totally unimportant things.

I think spring is finally here!! It was nearly 50 today, which in Wisconsin means that it’s time to break out the tank tops and short shorts. Sadly, the first people to do this are the ones who probably should never be wearing them. But to be able to go outside without the Michelin man winter jacket is a nice change.

I’m getting lax with my pictures again! I have a few, but it’s been so busy getting things ready for this show that I hardly have time to think, let alone sort through the mess that is my camera backlog.

I’ll have some pictures soonish – among other things, the king and queen’s outfits are pretty awesome – but I’m not sure when, just because I’m swamped from now until June. After this show is over, I’m having surgery, which will put me out of commission for about a month, and in may, I’m making a mother of the groom dress for a colleague.

At the end of April, I’ll be having a breast reduction, which is something I’ve been wanting for a very long time. The reason I taught myself how to sew in the first place, when I was like fifteen, was to make my own clothes, because store bought clothes just didn’t fit me right. So this is a big deal for me and I’m excited. Of course, it’s going to be weird teaching myself how to sew for a completely different figure. But I’m looking forward to the learning curve 😀

Well have some pics after the weekend! That’s a promise.


One thought on “Updates on totally unimportant things.

  1. purplepincushion says:

    It was wonderfully beautiful here today! I didn’t break out the shorts or a tank top, I managed self control 🙂 What part of Wisconsin? I am middle of nowhere, north central of Milwaukee and Madison and south of Oshkosh/Fond du Lac.

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