Three Musketeers: pictures (yes, finally!)

what a few weeks it’s been!! the show ended today (or rather, yesterday) and was a huge success!! everyone wore their costumes beautifully and they looked so good on stage. so, as I promised some long while ago, I have some pictures. they’re fairly crummy in quality, because I did them at the last minute as we were putting everything away, and of course because I took pictures at the end of the show, they’re all showing some wear and tear. but these were my favorites.




this was the “peacock” ball gown, one of my particular favorites. it consists of a pleated skirt (purple,) and the blue bodice with attached over skirt, and is made from a slubby sort of synthetic shantung. the last picture shows the back, which was grommetted for spiral lacing, and then, like everything else, laced incorrectly (I gave up after a few costumes and just went with standard spaced grommets after that.) the skirt ended up being about three inches too short for the actress, so someone added a ruffle at the hem, with some trim tacked on to hide the join – I wasn’t particularly happy with that. but the whole thing looked great on stage.


the king’s masquerade outfit. I made it gold to match the mask he was supposed to wear, which was a lion, but he ended up with something else. but I love this costume. you can’t see it very well in the pictures, but the fabric is a satiny cream color with the pattern in white and gold metallic (from a section in the store called “church fabric”.) the pattern I used for this one was Simplicity 4059, which I used, with some modifications, for most of the mens costumes that we had to make for this show. the pantaloons I made up myself, and are extremely not historically accurate, but dang did they look good!

of course, the king had to have matching shoes for his outfit. the director wanted it to be “outlandish and ridiculous”, so I came up with these. personally, I think they were the best part of the show. the king got asked about them by every single audience. lace, tassels, feathers, bows!


the king’s “everyday” outfit, complete with matching shoes. he was such a good sport; he never complained even though I put him in tights and high heels.


this was the queen’s bodice, which looks terrible on a hanger but really looked good on her. the matching skirt is simply a green pleated skirt. the stomacher, which you can’t see very well, is trimmed with gold, and the lace on the cuffs we actually kited from a gorgeous vintage wedding gown in the back room.


this was the queen’s masquerade outfit. her character was a white eagle, so I made the gown silver and white to match, and it’s also the same pattern as the king’s, so they’re kind of obviously a couple. the skirt is simply pleated with a silver panel in the front. the bodice is the same style as her other outfit, with the addition of two hanging panels over the back of the arms that served as “wings”. you can see this kind of in the last picture. also, in the background, you can see our “Cardinal’s guards” capes – we made seven of these, and five of the blue Musketeer ones.

I can’t decide between this gown and the king’s gold outfit which was my absolute favorite… I think I might have to go with the king’s, just because the shoes make it so complete. but all these costumes were fabulous! I’m extremely grateful I got to work on this show, even if I had to go without food, sleep, or rest for the last four weeks.

I’m trying to get my hands on some of the official pictures from the photo shoot, so I may have something to post when that comes out. these costumes look so much better on people than they do on hangers. plus, this is only a fraction of the ones I myself made, including the ones I’ve already posted! there were close to fifty costumes in this whole show! granted, they’re not all as extravagant as these, but I worked hard on them all. but now that it’s over, maybe I can get back to some of my own projects… we’ll see!


3 thoughts on “Three Musketeers: pictures (yes, finally!)

    • Ellie says:

      thanks! the shoes were the easiest part to make. they started out as plain old black leather women’s shoes, and became what they are today with some patience and a lot of hot glue!
      basically, I just covered them with the matching fabric, using a hot glue gun (normally I would use Mod Podge or something similar to cover shoes, but these fabrics were so thick – one was corduroy and the other was brocade – so I thought hot glue was a better choice.) I used some clear nail polish to keep the edges of the fabric from fraying away, and overall they held up really well! then I just kept adding trim and feathers until they looked properly ridiculous. 😉

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