exploding creeper!

hello again! I haven’t been too busy lately. I had my surgery last week, and I’ve been taking it very easy. but I have been juggling a few light projects to keep busy.

this is one that I whipped up over the last two days. it’s a birthday present for my nephew, who just loves Minecraft (who doesn’t?!) he’s got all kinds of Minecraft merchandise already, but one thing he doesn’t have is a creeper that actually comes apart.

it’s made of felt, the same way I’ve made other dolls before. the edges are done with a blanket stitch, and I cut all the pieces of the cubes individually, instead of making them out of one piece, because I thought that would help to keep the square shape better. it turned out pretty well.


the most annoying part was painting on all those tiny squares. I used plain old acrylic paint, and it took me probably two or three hours overall (I took lots of breaks. :p) he just looked too plain in flat green, so I like the look of the paint.


stitching and stuffing the “head”. I neglected to take pictures of the rest of the assembly process, but all the pieces went together pretty much the same.


I wanted to get one of those little sound chips, like the ones you put in stuffed animals to make them say “I love you” or whatever, so that it would make the creeper sound when it exploded. but I couldn’t find anything like that and the party is on saturday, so I nixed that idea. would have been cool, though.

my next immediate project is a mother-of-the-bride gown I’m making for a theater friend. I’ll be working on that this week, and depending on how it goes I might post some pictures. the pattern and fabric is gorgeous, so I’m looking forward to starting on it.


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