hedgehog wig and a dreamy creamy hat

I’ve been working on a lot of things recently.  My schedule at work changed, which leaves me with actually a lot more time for costuming.

in the past four weeks or so, I’ve whipped up an entirely new set of mid-18th century underthings (shift, strapless stays, two petticoats, and pockets,) a lovely velvet and fur pelisse for these beautiful Wisconsin winters (uck,) a big ol’ hedgehog wig, and a pretty little straw hat.  Unfortunately, the only things I have pictures of today are the latter two.


The wig was a super-cheap buy on Ebay, which I had to fiddle with quite a lot to make it look right.  It was supposed to be long and curly; when I got it out of the package, it was mostly straight, with some curl at the ends.  So I had to curl it, which took most of the time I spent on it.  It still needs some work, I think; it’s not quite as fluffy out the sides as I’d like.  The color is pretty close to my own, but it’s a little more red than my hair – you can’t tell in the picture, but in real life, I think it will need a little powdering to look just right.


I know it’s the middle of winter, but I wanted to make a summery type hat.  the hat is an ultra-cheap straw beach hat from Party City, and this was mostly an experiment to see if I could make it into something presentable, and I’m pleased with the end result.  I didn’t spend much effort on this; I just threw together some stuff from my ribbon stash to see what I could come up with.

I’d have some proper pictures of all of the items mentioned above, but my camera’s on the fritz at the moment.  I’m planning to do a proper photoshoot with all my winter items, maybe when the temperature outside gets back into positive degrees.

what’s on the table right now: a fur muff to match my pelisse, some 18th century style shoes (maybe with fur – why not have a whole matching set?) and a pierrot jacket which I’ve been working on the pattern on and off for some months now.  I’m really feeling motivated lately, so it’s possible I might actually finish all these things for once!