sorry, no pictures or sewing projects in this post (although I am just waiting for some pictures to come back so I can make a post about the big project I worked on over the past month.)  just a bit of news.

if you look through my blog, it’s pretty apparent that I am a sporadic costumer at best.  a few months ago, my schedule at work changed (for the better,) which is leaving me with a much better chunk of time for costuming and sewing – and I’ve been making the most of it, believe me!  but up until that point, sewing and costuming for me was just a hobby, and an intermittent one at that, and couldn’t be anything more than that due to time and budget restraints.

I’m now aiming to make it more a part of my life.  for years now, I’ve been sewing for people – costumes, formal wear, pretty much anything anyone needed I could whip up for them.  so I’ve had people telling me for ages that I should make it a business.  now, I’m at a point where I’m ready to do that.  I’ve opened up an Etsy shop, and though there’s nothing in it yet, I’ll be slowly adding things over the next few weeks that I’ve been working on recently.

the issue I have with costuming is that I love to sew and make things far more than I like to or have occasion to wear them.  in fact, very little of what I sew is for myself, besides just clothing.  I’d rather see other people happily wearing what I make.  going into the costuming business seems like the perfect solution to this problem!

I’m unsure yet which direction I want to take my sewing, but you can expect to see anything from period clothing to cosplay to refashions to one-of-a-kind items crop up.  my interests range very far when it comes to sewing, and what I choose to make and sell all depends on my mood from week to week.  what I’m best at is costuming on a budget – sometimes on an extreme budget – so I’ll probably make that my focus to begin with.  (I’m actually in the middle of a project at the moment that I’m making out of a thrifted gown of black velvet that I completely tore apart for fabric, if that gives you an idea of what I mean.)

I may or may not blog about some of the things I make to sell, it probably depends on how much time I spend on them and how well I document my process.  but I’d urge you not to base your judgement of quality or technique on what you see on this blog – like I said, most of what I’ve been making up until now was for other people, and I don’t post that stuff to my blog.  what goes on here is mainly the least of my forays into costuming – things I make for myself, things I use as an experiment or to test patterns or techniques (including, of course, the ones that fail!)


anyway, you can go ahead and check me out at (once I get some things listed,) and please keep me in mind for all your custom costuming (on a budget) needs. 🙂


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