Ciel – sneak peak

I’m in the midst of tidying up my workspace (which is a shameful mess after three weeks of hardcore sewing) and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to do all the proper pictures of my Ciel gown.  It’s just about finished; I had to make an emergency run to the craft store today for trim and black ribbon, which stopped me from finishing it today.

anyway, have a little sneak preview:



“Ciel takes a selfie in the bathroom (complete with retro filter)”

I ordered this wig off Ebay for pretty cheap.  I weighed the price of an ultra-cheap black wig against the hassle it would be to style it properly (I’m not shakes with hair, real or fake) and decided to just go with the Ciel cosplay wig, which I’m satisfied with.  although I thought it would be more of a gray-black, it’s pretty blueish in real life.

anyway, the wig came in the mail this week, so naturally I had to try it on.  then once I had it on, of course I had to do a make-up run to make sure I knew what I was doing.  and once I got that far, I figured I might as well try the hat on, too, in case it was going to fall right off my head.  and eventually, I ended up with the whole shebang on.

I’ll do the proper write-up of this costume tomorrow.  then, after that, I have another costume to start on right away!  keeping myself busy, yes?


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