a little more Ciel

All’s quiet on the blogging front, eh?  I haven’t really done any sewing since finishing my last project.  I’ve been out of town for the most part of the last three weeks.  I did have some sewing to do last week, but due to an unexpected eye injury that left me unable to do anything but sit in a dark room with blankets over my head for four days, I didn’t get to it.  I’m going to try to this week, though.

anywho, I got a chance to take my Ciel costume for a test drive a few weeks ago, during a rare stretch of nice weather in the Chicago area.  my sister and I went to a nearby park and snapped some photos, a few serious, but mostly for the lols.  so I’ll share a few of my photos with you.

this is the complete costume, minus only the hat, which I naturally forgot at home.  I have such a problem with hats!

DSCN0447 DSCN0445 DSCN0449

some nice full-body shots, wherein you can see the bustle effect of the gown nicely.  the back is not laced completely shut because I can’t do it by myself.  I’m going to need someone to help me into this outfit the next time I put it on.

DSCN0451 DSCN0450

my “glamour shot”, I suppose.  I’m wearing Super Pinky Blue lenses from PinkyParadise.com.  I feel like they really bring up the effect of the costume as a whole, so I’m glad I went for them.  this is my first experience with costume contact lenses, and I’m really pleased with the look of them, and the ease of wearing them.  I think my make-up could use some improvement, so I’m going to play with looks a little more before the convention.  I’d like to achieve a little more of an “anime-y” look if I can.  any tips from cosplayers out there?

now for the silly photos:

DSCN0444 DSCN0442 DSCN0454 DSCN0471

the first one is a really becoming pic of me about to sneeze.  I guess that’s what I get for taking pictures in the brush!  the second one is me wearing my sister’s little frilly maid hat.  then we did a bunch of pictures doing really ridiculous poses.  on the whole, it was a lot of fun!  I wouldn’t consider myself a “cosplayer” – that is, I like to make costumes and dress up, but I don’t get into character and I can’t act or model for the life of me.  in fact, I was hard put to get a handful of pictures with a straight face, because I’m so bad in front of a camera.  I guess that’s something else to work on…!


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