Odette photoshoot

the pictures from the Odette photoshoot I did a few weeks ago.  warning: image heavy post!





we had a gorgeous full strawberry moon that Friday night… which was unfortunately so hidden in fog that I didn’t really get any good moon pictures.  sigh!  but it was a nice night and we took a lot of pictures regardless.




this was at the Kemper Center in Kenosha, a really lovely old building.  lots of nice steps, doorways, and arches for me to pose nearby!





I posed near a great many doors.


I really like this picture for some reason, even though it doesn’t show my face… who am I kidding, that’s exactly why I like it! :3






these are my favorite pictures.




the last shot of the night, we finally got a moon in the picture!  well, I had fun anyway.  even though this was a “throw-together” costume, I’m really pleased with the results.


Refashion Costumes – Odette

I have a confession to make: I am a velvet junkie.  I have a legitimate addiction to velvet.  But I do refuse to pay $15/yd+ for the stuff.  So one of my best sources for velvet – and a lot of things – is thrifting.


Thrift stores are excellent for velvet, because there always seem to be racks full of those plus-size floor-length velvet formal dresses that were in style about twenty years ago.  (Maybe they still are, I don’t know?)  I bought this 2XL black stretch velvet dress for a buck, with the intention of making a costume I’d been wanting to have since I was a kid – Odette from The Swan Princess.

IMG_0237 IMG_0239

The first thing to do was to take in the sides by a good amount, and create some darts in front and back.  I also cut the straps down because the gown in question is off-shoulder.  Then I used the extra fabric I had cut from the sides to create sleeves.  All in all, the reshaping of this dress took me less than two hours.  It’s not perfect; the sleeves have four seams and the left one has what was originally a bust dart at the wrist, all due to the piecing I had to do.  But I think the result is quite nice, flaws aside!

DSCN0514 DSCN0515

The shoulder piece caused me some trouble.  The first version I made was of a dark red satin I had in stash, and the problem was that the dress is stretchy and simply pulls on over the head, but the shoulder piece was not stretchy.  The next day I was out yard saleing and happened across a very lovely red velvet dress – a girl’s christmas dress, by the look of it – and couldn’t pass up such a perfect match of fabric!  So I scrapped the first shoulder piece and fashioned this one, which is not attached to the dress at all; it pins on around my shoulders (although the friction of velvet on velvet was almost enough to hold it in place without pinning at all.)  The brooch is another yard sale buy; it started out as a pearl brooch and I gave it a makeover with some nail polish.

This weekend we had a most wonderful coincidence of a full moon on Friday the 13th – not just that, but a beautiful strawberry moon.  So I threw this bad boy on and we went out into the night to get some pictures.  I’ll have those in my next post.

Cost for this costume:

black dress: $1

red velvet: $5

brooch: $1

total: $7

All in all, a very cheap, very easy costume to throw together with great results.


I’d like this post to be the first I do of a series like this – refashion costumes being something I enjoy almost more than traditional costuming.  Not only are they a good deal cheaper than going to the fabric store and buying yards of fabric, but I find them a nice challenge as well – taking something and making it into something else.  So look forward to more refashion posts in the future!

Blue Sparrow Clothing

Just a quick update –

I’ve finally gotten some things listed over at my Etsy shop, Blue Sparrow Clothing.  (I know, everything I do takes me forever!)

Right now it’s mainly going to be some of my vintage dresses and costumes, because I’m trying to clean out my costume wardrobe and I have a bad penchant for collecting vintage dresses.  Possibly some of my older costumes that aren’t too horribly embarrassing will find their way to the shop.

I’ve been terribly busy and I’m about to get busier: I’m going out of town every single off week from now until mid-August… whew!  So sewing is, unfortunately, hanging in the backseat right now.  I’d have liked to have my shop up and running by now, but it looks like it will probably be around autumn before I’ve got things sussed on that front.  Still, some progress – I’m planning to keep adding things over the course of this week, and hopefully I can clear out some of my ridiculous collection to make room for new things!


Anyhow, keep an eye out for further news! ;D

Anime Central 2014

To be completely honest, I was too busy being a big geek and running around looking at stuff to take as many pictures as I thought I would at ACen.  however, I do have a few (really, three) to share with you!

ACen was a blast.  I’d kind of forgotten how much of a nerdy otaku I really am, deep down inside.  and I haven’t really had much interest in cosplay for the past few years, as my interest in historical costuming took more precedence.  I saw a lot of amazing costumes, met a lot of amazing people, and took a gajillion pictures!  so many people stopped me to take a picture of me and my sister that I started to feel better about my costume, which I had been kind of feeling crummy about that morning when I put it on again.  but it turned out to be a success after all (even if dragging that train around for eight hours seriously made my arm ache!)

photo 3


I wore my Ciel costume on saturday, to great effect.  I sewed a loop into the underskirt, which is hidden underneath the pink overskirt when the whole thing is let down but lets me carry the train more easily, because, as I anticipated, my train was getting trampled all to hell pretty quickly.  and my hat was giving me grief for the first part of the day; I couldn’t get it to stay on top of my head, it kept wanting to go forward or backward.  but no great costume comes without its trials, amirite?

like I said, I took a lot of pictures in this gown, but this (dorky) one is the only one I have of me by myself.  I don’t feel comfortable posting other people’s pictures on my blog for privacy reasons.

image Photo on 5-14-14 at 6.40 AM

sunday I went as girl Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist.  FMA is one of my favorite animes from waybackwhen, and my sister recently watched the whole series through so it was a perfect couple costume for us.  (my sister went as Winry.)  I was looking for a costume that would be really easy to put together, and this one was – I made the coat out of stash fabric and the automail arm out of pantyhose and craft foam, and everything else I already owned!  the coat is a tad too small for me – hazard of sewing it all in one go without a proper fitting – but worked fine.  the arm turned out really cool looking, too, but owing to the coat sleeves being too small I ended up not wearing the arm to the convention… which was a little disappointing, because it took me the better part of three days to make!  the coat, incidentally, took me about two hours!  all in all, it was a fun, throw-together costume that I think turned out pretty well given the very little time and energy I had by that point.

I also made my sister’s Winry outfit, and I’m rather proud of it – I went to Goodwill and bought a pair of khaki pants and a khaki jacket and frankensteined them together into a jumpsuit type of thing.  it cost me about three bucks and took me about ten minutes to make – probably the easiest costume I’ve ever done!


my sister and I have already decided we’re going again next year… and I find I’ve been bitten by the cosplay bug again; I’m already planning elaborate and fantastic costumes that I want to make… with more time to plan ahead and a better handle on my budget, I’m thinking that next year’s costumes are going to be pretty freaking sweet ;D