Anime Central 2014

To be completely honest, I was too busy being a big geek and running around looking at stuff to take as many pictures as I thought I would at ACen.  however, I do have a few (really, three) to share with you!

ACen was a blast.  I’d kind of forgotten how much of a nerdy otaku I really am, deep down inside.  and I haven’t really had much interest in cosplay for the past few years, as my interest in historical costuming took more precedence.  I saw a lot of amazing costumes, met a lot of amazing people, and took a gajillion pictures!  so many people stopped me to take a picture of me and my sister that I started to feel better about my costume, which I had been kind of feeling crummy about that morning when I put it on again.  but it turned out to be a success after all (even if dragging that train around for eight hours seriously made my arm ache!)

photo 3


I wore my Ciel costume on saturday, to great effect.  I sewed a loop into the underskirt, which is hidden underneath the pink overskirt when the whole thing is let down but lets me carry the train more easily, because, as I anticipated, my train was getting trampled all to hell pretty quickly.  and my hat was giving me grief for the first part of the day; I couldn’t get it to stay on top of my head, it kept wanting to go forward or backward.  but no great costume comes without its trials, amirite?

like I said, I took a lot of pictures in this gown, but this (dorky) one is the only one I have of me by myself.  I don’t feel comfortable posting other people’s pictures on my blog for privacy reasons.

image Photo on 5-14-14 at 6.40 AM

sunday I went as girl Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist.  FMA is one of my favorite animes from waybackwhen, and my sister recently watched the whole series through so it was a perfect couple costume for us.  (my sister went as Winry.)  I was looking for a costume that would be really easy to put together, and this one was – I made the coat out of stash fabric and the automail arm out of pantyhose and craft foam, and everything else I already owned!  the coat is a tad too small for me – hazard of sewing it all in one go without a proper fitting – but worked fine.  the arm turned out really cool looking, too, but owing to the coat sleeves being too small I ended up not wearing the arm to the convention… which was a little disappointing, because it took me the better part of three days to make!  the coat, incidentally, took me about two hours!  all in all, it was a fun, throw-together costume that I think turned out pretty well given the very little time and energy I had by that point.

I also made my sister’s Winry outfit, and I’m rather proud of it – I went to Goodwill and bought a pair of khaki pants and a khaki jacket and frankensteined them together into a jumpsuit type of thing.  it cost me about three bucks and took me about ten minutes to make – probably the easiest costume I’ve ever done!


my sister and I have already decided we’re going again next year… and I find I’ve been bitten by the cosplay bug again; I’m already planning elaborate and fantastic costumes that I want to make… with more time to plan ahead and a better handle on my budget, I’m thinking that next year’s costumes are going to be pretty freaking sweet ;D


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