Blue Sparrow Clothing

Just a quick update –

I’ve finally gotten some things listed over at my Etsy shop, Blue Sparrow Clothing.  (I know, everything I do takes me forever!)

Right now it’s mainly going to be some of my vintage dresses and costumes, because I’m trying to clean out my costume wardrobe and I have a bad penchant for collecting vintage dresses.  Possibly some of my older costumes that aren’t too horribly embarrassing will find their way to the shop.

I’ve been terribly busy and I’m about to get busier: I’m going out of town every single off week from now until mid-August… whew!  So sewing is, unfortunately, hanging in the backseat right now.  I’d have liked to have my shop up and running by now, but it looks like it will probably be around autumn before I’ve got things sussed on that front.  Still, some progress – I’m planning to keep adding things over the course of this week, and hopefully I can clear out some of my ridiculous collection to make room for new things!


Anyhow, keep an eye out for further news! ;D


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