Rolling Girl

Not much to report on the costuming front, I’m afraid.  I was out of town all last week and I’m going out of town tomorrow for a week as well.  I’m off to Seattle with my little sis to see Lady Gaga with Hatsune Miku!  (on a side note: I’m starting to get a handle on this Vocaloid stuff.  Rin is my favorite I think, I like his voice the best.)

We thought it would be fun for the concert to do a little Vocaloid cosplay; nothing fancy, as our time and budget are both short.  So we’re both doing the “Rolling Girl” video cosplay, a really easy costume to thrift.  I went out and got mine today:


and after experimenting with some makeup:



(Ignore my dirty mirror; I was cleaning my makeup brushes and I always make a mess.  Then I didn’t feel like retaking pictures after I got undressed and took my makeup off.)


As for the convention costumes – haven’t made much progress since last I posted.  I’m still waiting on my jewels to come in the mail for the gown’s collar and cuffs.  I did, after days of scouring the internet, find exactly the perfect crystals for Black Lady’s earrings, so I’m like really pumped to make them.  It’s rare that I find exactly what I want when I have a particular picture in my head of something.  I did get all the chiffon hemmed today – the shawl and the skirt piece.

After I get back from Seattle, it’s time to go full throttle on these convention costumes.  So I’ll have some more updates then!