wigs and such

I’m collecting wigs at rather a rapid pace these days.  eventually I’ll have to have enough so that I don’t have to buy a new one for a new costume, right?

anyhow, one of my recent purchases was this long, curled half-wig from Ebay, which I bought for two reasons – it was cheap, and I needed something for my renaissance costumes, because my own hair is not quite long enough yet.  and I actually don’t own a plain, long, brown wig – all my wigs are styled for certain costumes.  so I figured, hey, even if this half-wig turns out to be a cheap mess, I can butcher it for some other purpose, which is what I seem to end up doing anyway.

this thing is freaking amazing.

for reference, here’s my own hair:

Photo on 10-17-14 at 9.59 PM

it’s almost hitting my shoulders now, and I chopped it all off the august before last.  it’s getting to a manageable point again, but it’s not really anywhere near being useful for most costuming pursuits.

with the wig:

Photo on 10-17-14 at 9.53 PM Photo on 10-17-14 at 9.52 PM Photo on 10-17-14 at 9.51 PM

I bought it with the intention of styling it with some braids for renaissance-esque hair, but honestly, I think I might just wear this everyday.  it’s easy to wear and looks pretty close to natural.  I ordered light brown, and it’s still a little darker than my natural color, but more so at the ends – the color near the top is a fair match for my own.  it’s a little shinier than my natural hair too, but not obviously-wig-shiny.  and it’s honestly as easy as just plopping it on your head and pinning your bangs back over the front (a headband would work too, I imagine.)


I’ve got two more wigs coming in the mail soonish – a blue one and a pink one.  lately I’ve been thinking over the herculean task that is going to be styling my Black Lady wig, and coming up with a few ideas, but the thought of spending so much time on a wig I’m going to wear just once makes me want to just cringe.  however, the thought of doing a Black Lady costume with a sub-par wig makes me cringe even more.  if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right, right?


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