winter cleaning

I have some extra days off this week, so I thought I’d get myself started with some cleaning out of my sewing room… and believe me, it needed it!

I call my spare bedroom my “sewing room”, but honestly, I never do any sewing in there.  It mainly serves as the place where I shove all my sewing and craft-related stuff… and I am always buying fabric, so it’s pretty full.  There were piles of fabric on the floor everywhere, and bags of fabric and sundries besides, not to mention half-finished projects draped over every surface.  Yikes!

I got up today and made a good dent in it, organizing my fabric, packing things up, and trashing stuff – a lot of stuff.  I threw out a lot of fabric, mainly small bits and pieces that I was holding onto for no good reason, and a few unsalvageable UFOs and other finished projects that the workmanship didn’t hold up on.

There’s a lot more to do, but I got one thing accomplished that I’ve been meaning to do for some time – I set up a corner of the room for photographs, with a nice backdrop.  Which means, a little more professional looking pics from now on (no more laundry in the corner or junk piled up on the couch! >_>)


I used some really gorgeous sage green/gold taffeta that I’ve had hanging in my closet for quite some time now, saved away for a specific project I have in mind – but it’s going to be a while before I get to it, so I don’t feel bad about using the fabric for something else in the meantime.  I am absolutely in love with this fabric, by the way!

IMG_0269 IMG_0270

And here’s a sneak peak of what I’m working on this week!  Any guesses to what it is?  (Okay, maybe the fact that I wrote it on the pattern is a giveaway…)


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