Meiko cosplay for Anime-Zap! 2015 – photos

I am not a model.  I don’t like taking pictures, and I take bad pictures, no matter how much I practice posing and facial expressions beforehand.  (Although, I thought my pictures of my Lucia costume were quite okay.  I wasn’t even making dumbface.  Well, I was a little, but Lucia has a case of dumbface in the game anyway, so it’s IC.)  If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you’ve probably seen some bad pictures of me… well, here’s some more.

I finished up my Meiko cosplay today by redoing the bodice of the white dress, and the whole costume is 99% complete – I just need to sew some buttons on the black vest, but I don’t have four that match that I like enough.  Anyway, I threw the whole thing on tonight to take some pictures.

DSCN0534 DSCN0535 DSCN0538 DSCN0539


There are… well, quite a few things wrong with this costume.  For one, I somehow managed to not notice the entire time I was remaking the white dress that I sewed the skirt on inside out.  It’s nearly identical inside out as it is the right way, except that you can see the stitching line where I put the horsehair braid in the hem, and I don’t like that.  But I’m almost certain that I don’t have time to take the bodice off and reattach it again.

The top/neckline isn’t perfect, either.  I used some organza ribbon to make ruffles instead of the scallops that I tried and mostly failed to make look good on the first draft of this costume.  But they scratch my neck and are quite uncomfortable.  Also, I’ve already gotten makeup on the white top – d’oh!

The vest is my favorite part.  It’s reversible, with black peach skin on one side and some black velvety patterned fabric on the reverse, which I used because it was lying nearby at the time, but I honestly love.  I’ll probably wear it with that side out.  The vest also has a cute little pleated tail in the back, which you can kind of see in these pictures.

The flower on the skirt is there solely for the purpose of hiking the skirt up so that you can see my thigh-highs.  Which are, in fact, faux thigh-high tights that I found on Amazon, which are amazing.  I bought three pairs, and have painted gold stripes down the front of one pair for one of my sister’s costumes – I’ll talk about that in another post, because it was an experience.


Another costume to check off my list – hurrah!


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