fabric haul!

I think I’ve bought enough fabric already this year to last me… well, the rest of the year at least!  And honestly, I only splurged on one thing – everything else I’ve bought I’ve gotten on clearance or thrifting.

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New Year, new projects

I was thinking about doing a costume round-up post for 2014, but I was pretty sure I didn’t have that much to brag about.  I feel like I didn’t really do a lot during last year.  A quick scroll back through my blog proves me wrong – I totaled sixteen projects that I started and finished, not to mention the various projects I started and haven’t yet finished.  And I got my Etsy store up and running, even if there hasn’t been much activity there yet.  Sixteen full costumes started and finished – nine of which were cosplays (I’m not counting the Winry outfit I slapped together for my sister in May because that can barely be called sewing.)  Why don’t I feel as accomplished as I should?

Anyhow, I’ll be doing some sewing this week, but I just want to talk about some projects I’m planning first.  I’ve been using my Cosplanner to keep track of all the things I want to get done this year.


I’ve got quite a few things on my plate already!  It’s mostly period costumes at the moment, although I am planning some cosplays for conventions this year; I’m just not down to final picks yet.

Sets of undergarments are going to be my first priority; I have my new 18th century stays to finish (despite my best efforts I did not get the binding finished last week) and I want to make a nice new shift too, out of proper linen.  All mine so far are muslin (cheap) or thrifted linen-ish fabrics (cheaper.)  I’m going to remake my mid-19th century yellow striped corset; much as it’s cute and I like it, it doesn’t fit me right around the bust anymore.  I’ve already dissected it to reuse the boning and the busk, as I’ll be using the same pattern as last time, minus the alterations I made.  I also will need some mid-19th century underthings – a shift and a petticoat at the least.  I have costumes from both these time periods on my to-do list, so I need to start from the bottom.

I’d really like to make a later 19th-century corset too, a nice sleek pretty one with flossing and stuff, and an early 20th century Edwardian corset.  But I don’t have any costumes planned for those eras so I’m not sure I’ll get to them this year.

I may do a fabric stash post later this week; I went fabric shopping with my extra Christmas money and brought home bags of stuff last week, most of which I already have plans for.  I also just ordered a bunch of things from Vogue Fabrics, my favorite place (I might pop down there this weekend, too, because they’re having a store sale and I love Vogue Fabrics.)  I splurged a bit too on a few things; generally I’m a pretty thrifty shopper when it comes to fabric – I rarely go for the high-quality nice fabrics on my own costumes – but I felt it was time to step up my game a bit with some quality fabrics.  I can’t wait to get my Vogue Fabrics order~~ ^__^