Anime-Zap! photos – part one

Well, the convention is over, and again I managed to take almost no pictures of any of our costumes.  Hmph.  I do have a few, however, so here’s the first batch.

IMG_0551 IMG_0553

Day one was our Camellia Vocaloid costumes.  I have more photos to come of these outfits, so I’ll save that for its own post.


Day two I was Black Lady – a lot of people seemed to like this costume so I’m glad I wore it in the end, even if the wig was a nightmare.  It gave me the most monstrous headache all day and no matter how much I combed it out, the pigtails refused to be anything less than a tangled mess.  But over all, I really loved the heck out of this cosplay.

This Black Lady plushie was for sale at the con and I had to have it.  How could I not!!

There’s also this –

IMG_0566 2-blacklady

Pretty good for a pic I shot in the hotel room with a spare blanket, no?  You can’t really see it in the pic, either, but I have a Silver Imperium Crystal in my hand – that and my earrings were made from salvaged chandelier crystals, and were gorgeous props.  The Crystal was actually my favorite thing I made for this outfit and I ended up not carrying it around because I had nowhere to put it.

IMG_0575 IMG_0576

Day two, my sister went as Celestia Ludenberg, and other than the fact that I had to sew her necktie on because I had forgotten to finish it (oops!) everything about this costume went very well!

IMG_0587 IMG_0589

Day three was my Lucia cosplay.  I couldn’t for the life of me keep this hat on my head, but besides that this costume was a dream to wear.  Pity no one knew who I was!


My sister’s day three costume was another Vocaloid – Kagamine Rin’s “Reactor” outfit.

And the obligatory con swag photo:

IMG_0573 IMG_0572

(I am a grown-ass woman and I cannot stop myself from spending money on cute and adorable stuffed things.  Especially cats.  I have a weakness for kitty plushies.)

All in all, we had a lot of fun, met some awesome people, and saw some great stuff.  I handed out some “business cards” (I left my real business cards at home, natch, so I made do with some slips of paper with my name and blog on them.  So unprofessional.  Sigh.)  We’d like to go again next year.  But I will most definitely not think about procrastinating next time like i did this time.

I’m going to use my next off week to rest and relax – I actually haven’t had a single day off over the last, probably, two months where I didn’t sew or work on my costumes.  I also need to do some serious catching up on my pile of UFOs that I’ve been gradually been shoving further and further into the corner as I work on other projects…


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