fabric haul!

I think I’ve bought enough fabric already this year to last me… well, the rest of the year at least!  And honestly, I only splurged on one thing – everything else I’ve bought I’ve gotten on clearance or thrifting.


There are a lot of good thrift stores where I live, and I always manage to find fabric and sewing stuff when I go thrifting.  I’m getting to be known for it at a couple of stores, actually (>__>)  This little pile of stuff cost me, I believe, about $2.50 altogether.  The striped floral cotton is my favorite – I’ve already used it in my 1860’s corset I made this week – and I’ve got about a yard and a half left, even after cutting my lining out twice.  There’s also about a yard and a half of the black and white printed fabric, too.  Generally, pieces of fabric less than a yard don’t interest me, because there’s not much I’ll use them for but making linings, but I’ve found some great remnants while out thrifting.


Hancock fabrics was having a sale right after Christmas, too, so I made a trip up there.  All of these fabrics were picked up from clearance tables or remnant piles, not that they’re remnant sized – the gray wool-ish fabric top left is a three-yard piece, and the white suede next to it is a bit over four yards.  I already have plans for all these fabrics, too.

IMG_0621 IMG_0623


This is a buy from my trip to Vogue Fabrics – ten yards of this sheer blue cottony (the tag said “assorted fibers” but it feels soft and cottony to me) fabric for $1.49 a yard.  It’s sheer, and has a very tiny striped pattern that I had to use flash to get to even show up in a picture.  I have definite plans for all ten yards of this fabric, too.


Also from Vogue Fabrics, a buttload of blues!  There’s a costume I’m planning and I was happy to find pretty much everything I needed in one trip to the store, and as a bonus, everything was on clearance or from the remnant section.  Here I have three shades of blue organza, two shades of blue chiffon, and some shimmery silvery-blue taffeta.  I won’t be starting on this project any time soon, but it’s nice to have a head start on my materials!

IMG_0638IMG_0636 IMG_0635

From the Vogue Fabrics website, I ordered a nice big piece of cotton organdy – I’ve got 9.5 yards, and a lot of that is going to go into making a big ruffly petticoat, but I’d like to have a good enough chunk left over to keep on hand for other projects.  I also ordered a half yard of nude-colored corseting coutil, for that far-off someday when I’m ready to tackle the 1880’s/90’s corset I want to make.  This was the only item I splurged on; $25 for a half yard.  The last picture is a pink patterned waxed cotton that I ordered because it was on clearance and I thought the pattern was nice – it didn’t really occur to me that I have no idea what to use waxed cotton for until I opened the box and pulled this fabric out!  It’s really pretty and shiny, but it feels like paper – it’s stiff but very thin.  I thought the pattern was nice for some sort of a gown, but this fabric definitely isn’t for gown-making.  I’m thinking I might try washing a small piece and see what that does to the texture and sheen, though, can you wash wax out of a fabric?  Since the idea of it is to be waterproof…  Anybody have any experience with waxed cotton they want to share?

This doesn’t cover the (really ridiculous) extent of my fabric stash by far, but these are some of my favorite new additions.  I definitely have to cut down on the impulse fabric buying, though, or I’m going to be drowning in fabric soon enough…



2 thoughts on “fabric haul!

  1. opusanglicanum says:

    Ive seen pics of some very pretty victorian/edwardian duster coats, waxed to be rainproof but light enough not to be too warm, maybe the waxed cotton would do for something like that?

    sometimes its best to let the fabric tell you what it wants to be rather than trying to impose your will. its generally takes heat to get wax out, and even then it depends on what type of wax it is as to whether it will shift

    • Ellie says:

      That’s what I was thinking, some kind of a fitted and structured coat or jacket. It’s not soft and drapey enough for the types of gowns I was picturing using it for – although I did unroll the whole bundle yesterday to play with it, and it’s more light and flowy than I expected it to be, so I have a few more ideas now as to what I could potentially use it for. I have a feeling that fabric is going to be something I’ll have to experiment with quite a bit before I know what to do with it!

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