Sneak Peak – Stripes!

Here’s a little sneak peak of what I’m working on this week… one word: stripes!


I’ll be finishing up this project tomorrow (with luck) and I’ll make a post about it then.


Costumes for sale!

Just wanted to post a little heads-up!  I’ve just put my wonderful green gown up for sale in my Etsy shop – fast, I know!  Actually, I’m going to be buying a condo, so I’m hoping to kill two birds with one stone and clear up some closet space as well as get a little extra cash for my move by listing some of my own personal costumes.  The Katherine Pierce gown is the only one up so far, but later this week I’ll be going through my closet and seeing what I can unload, and hopefully get a few more things listed (costumes and vintage clothing.)  The great news for you is that because my costumes are from my own personal collection, slightly used and with flaws, I’ll be listing them at fairly low prices (honestly, this is also in an effort to just finally get rid of some things that have been taking up a lot of space in my closets!)

I know my Etsy store has been kind of a dead space since I opened it nearly two years ago – I wish I had an excuse, but I just haven’t been really dedicated to making it a priority.

Plus – use the coupon code FOLLOWERS4EVER to get 10% off any purchase greater than $50!  Special offer just for anyone who finds their way to my store through this blog 😉