blue satin round gown – pics

At long last!

Well, I’m all moved in to my new place, the new sewing area (the basement) is coming along… well, not nicely, but it’s coming along.  I’ll be doing some sewing this weekend, in fact.  But in the meantime, here are the photos from the wearing of my blue satin round gown, the day after Halloween.

We went to the cemetery for pictures, and it was a nice sunny day, even though Halloween – the day I planned to wear this costume – was dreary and wet.  I nixed the bloody guillotine-neck and ghoul makeup I was going to do for Halloween and just wore the outfit.

All the best shots of the dress are the ones from behind.  I accessorized with vintage white gloves and a vintage rabbit fur wrap (I thought it was going to be much colder, but with the fur and all the layers I was wearing, I was almost too warm.)  The hat is trimmed with an ivory silk bow and some tea-dyed feathers, and the sash is the same ivory silk.

This costume had its problems, but all in all, was fun to wear.


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