ACen 2016 lineup

It’s that time of year again!  …time to start prepping for Anime Central, that is.  My sister and I have made our choices of costumes for this year, and it’s a pretty good lineup:

I’m going as Undyne (fanart credit to PhantomMarbles) and she’ll be Napstabot (design credit to leaf-submas, fanart credit to niaro) from the popular indie game, Undertale!  Undyne is my absolute favorite and I’m really excited to be cosplaying her.  Sewing-wise, both these costumes are super easy, so the hair and makeup is going to be the challenge for me for Undyne.  (I’m already testing out a variety of methods to turn myself blue, and I’ll definitely post about that some other time.)

Up next… Black Lady and princess Chibiusa from Sailor Moon.  This is mainly because I wanted to re-wear my Black Lady costume, which is one of my favorite things I’ve made.  It needs a little reworking – the blouse came apart so I have to sew a new one, and trying to sort out that wig is going to be a nightmare.  The Chibiusa gown is going to be a build from scratch.


Lastly, we have Chii and Freya from Chobits – a bit of a throwback!  In my opinion, CLAMP had some of the best costume designs and artwork of any manga I’d read (all those ruuuuufffffflles) so I’m excited to make these costumes, too.  In fact, I’m headed to my favorite place, Vogue Fabrics, tomorrow to do some shopping for these costumes.

I have some other projects on the table right now, but that post will come later.  My goal for this year is to only make stash-busting costumes – excepting the convention costumes – to hopefully diminish some of the massive piles of fabric I have laying around.  So, instead of coming up with a costume idea and then buying fabric, I’ll be designing my projects around what I already own.  We’ll see how well I can stick to that…




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