Chobits cosplay – skirt progress

Just to prove that I have actually accomplished something since last blogging about this project!  In fact, I’ve gotten more done than I thought, because the skirt is just about finished.

All the poof layers are done, backed with tulle for extra poofiness, and the skirt is looking better and better to me!  I have one ruffle attached between the second and third poof, and another to put on between the first and the second, and then the velvet ribbon trim goes all around each layer of poofs.  I think I want to put something on the underside of the skirt, too – not only because it’s kind of ugly and I think it should be lined – but because the back middle of the skirt sags just a bit and I need to fill it out.  I debated making a full, separate petticoat, but that would mean buying more supplies, and I think I can get by with just some support added to the underside of the skirt.

So – it’s coming along nicely, albeit slowly; I usually try not to work on any sewing projects during my work week, but because I’m so short on time now I’m giving myself an hour every day to get at least a little bit done, whatever I can finish in that hour.  I’m hoping to have this skirt done by monday, and then I have three days off where I can hopefully finish this dress entirely and make some progress on the matching black one, which I haven’t even started yet.


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