Chobits cosplay – a little more progress

The puffs are poofed, ribbon trim is on, and the skirt is looking finished!

With all that work, it really doesn’t look like much on the dress form.  (I showed my pictures to a friend and she rotated it three ways trying to figure out what I was showing her.)  I have yet to pattern and make the bodice, but compared to the time and effort put into this floofy nightmare, that should be a breeze.

Buying the velvet ribbon for these costumes was an ordeal – but mostly because I am stupid and don’t read things through before clicking that handy-dandy “buy” button on Ebay!  I particularly wanted velvet ribbon for these dresses because, for one, I am obsessed with velvet – anyone who’s been around my blog for a while knows that – and I thought it would give it a more fancy, elegant look as compared to satin ribbon, which always looks costumey.  So I went on Ebay to find some velvet ribbon, and ordered a ten-yard roll of 5/8″ black velvet ribbon, not realizing until I got it in the mail that 5/8″ wasn’t nearly wide enough, and just looked kind of sad when I tested it out against my skirt.  So it was back to Ebay, where I happened to find two really nice rolls of vintage 7/8″ wide velvet ribbon – and one of the rolls was rose pink, exactly what I needed for the matching black dress!  Had I read the listing properly, I would have realized that the roll that looked black in the picture was actually burgundy – and when it came in the mail, I just lost all my steam at the thought of going back and buying a third roll of ribbon for the same costume… however, as luck would have it, the burgundy ribbon looks really good with the pink skirt, and in fact I ended up liking it much more than the black.

The ribbon is all hand-sewn on, and there are two bows on the skirt as well – I may add more later if I have leftover ribbon, but I didn’t want to overdo it at first.

Tomorrow, it’s on to the bodice – depending on how far I get, I may even be able to have pictures of me trying the whole gown on.  I didn’t get as much done today as I wanted because I had errands to run, but tomorrow I’m free and clear to sew all day.


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