Chobits cosplay number one!

As usual, I’m behind schedule – but here are some photos of the pink gown as I tried it on last week with (most) of the pieces of the whole costume.

The lighting in my basement, while fine for photographing costumes on my dress stand, really does not do much to flatter me in person… I wanted to go outside and take some fancy photos in this costume as soon as it was done, but alas, it’s been raining every day here for the last eon, so I didn’t really get a chance to do any really nice photos.

This dress, by the way, is nearly impossible to get on by myself – naturally!  For some reason I was determined to attach the skirt and the bodice when it would have been much easier and less time-consuming to just make them separate… so, the skirt closes in the back with hooks at the waist, and the bodice laces up the back.  The back skirt closure and the opening underneath is hidden by the little bustle-bow piece, which is attached on one side to the skirt and hooks around to the other side.  I spent a lot more time fussing with how to get it to look right than I should have.

My wig is unstyled (and don’t I look happy about it!) and I don’t have on the accessories I intend to make for this costume – a headband, choker, and the ears-pigtails combo that Chii wears in Chobits.  At this point, I’m not sure I’ll wear this costume to the convention. The matching black one is very unlikely to be finished a week from now, and while I could finish this one and wear it on my own, I feel like it’s really better done in a pair… I’m disappointed in myself, honestly.  These costumes should have been awesome, but I just didn’t do them justice.  I do still have three days next week in which I might try and crunch out, not an exactly matching black gown for my sister’s cosplay, but something similar that’s less work-intensive – I have the black fabric and all the trimmings, so I’m thinking something covered in ruffles might do the trick.  That’s something I can do quickly and still have a good end result.  However, it’s hard for me to find the motivation right now for it, as crappy as I feel about my sewing at the moment.


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