ACen 2016 pics + updates

Hello, folks, long time no blog I’m afraid!  I’m just here with a few pics to show what I actually did end up wearing to ACen (it wan’t what I planned,) and what I’m working on next.

The Chobits cosplays remain unfinished – the pink one is about 95% there and the black one is at maybe 25%, but neither of them are on my to-do list right now.  I got really sewing-burnt-out as I was frantically trying to finish both of those in May and I had to take a step back from sewing since then, hence why no updates lately.  Acen, however, was really fun this year; I wore my Undyne twice, and the third day I wore a throw-together Princess Millerna from Escaflowne cosplay that I literally fashioned out of thrift store supplies the day before I left for Chicago.

Day one as Undyne, I did the full-body blue paint (I do plan on making a post of how I did the whole set-up – it took me multiple practice runs and 4+ hours on the day of to get the makeup on) and it was a hit!  We met lots of awesome Undertale cosplayers and took part in the photoshoot.  I naturally neglected to get any pictures of myself wearing this costume.  The paint and makeup held up really well all day; it wasn’t super hot, but I was wearing a leather jacket, and none of it really rubbed off except my underarms.  My face looked great for 6+ hours of wearing it so I’m really happy with the cosplay.


Day two I did punk Undyne – basically the same as before but without the blue.  I just couldn’t make myself wake up that early to spend four hours painting myself again!  The second day I had a blue spear with me as a prop, which I made out of stuff I got at a late-night Walmart run the night before – a long stick from the gardening department, some craft foam, and duct tape.  I was quite proud of it

Day three I did a throw-together cosplay of Princess Millerna from one of my favorite animes, Escaflowne.  I hit the thrift store the day before I left for Chicago and grabbed an oversized pink blouse to modify; I actually did a lot of work to it, including taking in the sides and using the scrap fabric to make the sleeves bigger around the top.  I used some bridal lace appliqués around the sleeves and collars, added a pink skirt, and a black sash to the waist.  This was actually my favorite costume I wore to ACen this year, despite being last minute and the fact that not a single person recognized it, lol, although I did have a lot of people come up to tell me it was pretty and ask.

The convention was lots of fun; we saw some great stuff, and I made some plans already as to what I’m going to wear next year.  Which, hopefully, will include my next project that I’m about to begin working on – a femme version of the Black Waltz 3 from my favorite video game of all time, Final Fantasy IX.  My local Joann store is relocating and they’ve been having a blowout all month, so I just went back for the third time last week and bought some stuff to start this costume at unbelievable prices.  I’ll make a post with my plans for that soonish, as well as the blue Undyne process post.


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