Well, hello, folks.  Long… really long time no blog, isn’t it?

I can’t say this blog has ever really been much to brag about, but I do feel bad I’ve let it stagnate for so long.  I’ve had a, hmm… rough couple of years, and sewing has not been anywhere near the forefront of my priorities.  And, if I’m honest, it’s not still – I’ve had to step way back and kind of evaluate myself and my life, and uh… gave myself a complete overhaul, haha!

But, sewing is of course still a beloved hobby to me – and I have managed a number of projects lately that all turned out really well, so I wanted to get back to blogging about it. To be quite honest, I find sewing to be a lot easier and more fun when I’m not putting pressure on myself about it, which it took me a long time to learn how to do.  I’m also a lot more dedicated to my art these days than I used to be (in fact… I’ve been writing and illustrating a sci-fi comic for the last couple years, which is a dream of mine,) so most of my free time goes there.  And you know what?  Even with dedicating less time and mental power to sewing, even though it’s become a secondary interest to my art, I feel like I’m way more productive than I used to be – just getting rid of the pressure I was always putting on myself helped immensely!

Anyhow!  I might be able to scrounge up some pics of the things I’ve sewn in the last year, which I think honestly are some my best works so far.  And I have two fairly big projects on my plate for the coming year… One is finally getting around to recreating an outfit from Marie Antoinette, which I’m doing from the ground up… and the other is that I’m sewing my sister’s wedding dress for her wedding next fall.  One of those things is a lot more intensive than the other, can you guess which it is??

I’ll make posts about both those things when I have some real stuff to share; right now I’m still really in the planning stage.  However, I’m looking forward to both projects over the coming months and I’m excited to get the chance to create something (the wedding gown) that’s really couture.   Couture sewing is an area that my interest in has definitely increased a lot, and it’s really just very much like historical sewing – the under structure is key to getting the look right.

So, well, if there’s anyone still around, look forward to seeing some of those posts in the next few months! 😀


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