Well, hello, folks.  Long… really long time no blog, isn’t it?

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fabric haul!

I happened to have the chance to go to a truly amazing estate sale a few weeks ago, and scored some unbelievable stuff from it!  There was a garage literally packed full of fabric and trim, and I’m not exaggerating when I say there was tens of thousands of dollars worth of fabric there, much of it imported, and a good deal still in the packaging with the original price tags!  I walked away with a box full of stuff, and am only glad that I didn’t bring more cash with me, or I probably would have bought as much as I could fit in the car.

First… the silks!  There were so many gorgeous watercolor silks that it was hard to pick just a few that I really wanted.  These pieces are each between 4 – 6 yards, and while I don’t have any definite plans for any of them yet, I imagine they’d make splendid linings (normally I wouldn’t dream of using $40+/yd fabrics as linings, but since I got them for a tenth of that price, why not?)

The black matelasse fabric is my favorite – and I do have some plans for that.  I’ve got about four yards of it.  I’m also really fond of the pink printed cotton.


My picture obviously doesn’t do the color of this fabric justice, but it’s a nice powder pink polished cotton, and there’s almost a full ten yards – it’s fairly thin.  I love the pattern, and I’m not sure what to do with it yet, but I’ll think of something!


This was also a wonderful find – a very thin, gauzy chiffon with a nice geometric embroidered pattern.


Lastly… the trims!  There were boxes full, and it was a struggle to narrow it down to the handful I ended up with.  The fifth from the left with the heavy beading is my favorite.  The gold pleated fan-shaped trim was just too interesting to pass up.  The third and fourth from the left are actually metallic braid, somewhat stiff, definitely very cool.  I’m really excited to design some projects around some of these trims!

Officially on hiatus…

It kind of goes without saying, but yes, I’ve put sewing on hiatus for a bit.  I’m just too busy with moving and other things to have been doing much sewing, although I have done a small bit lately, it’s nothing to write home about.  I have some pictures from Halloween to post sometime this week – I didn’t have time to make a new costume this year so I re-wore an old one, but we did go to a nice cemetery to take some photos.

In the meantime, here are some pics of the coat I made a few months ago – the weather is finally cold enough to wear it, although I never thought I’d be excited about winter weather, I do love wearing my new coat!

IMG_0986 IMG_0987