Officially on hiatus…

It kind of goes without saying, but yes, I’ve put sewing on hiatus for a bit.  I’m just too busy with moving and other things to have been doing much sewing, although I have done a small bit lately, it’s nothing to write home about.  I have some pictures from Halloween to post sometime this week – I didn’t have time to make a new costume this year so I re-wore an old one, but we did go to a nice cemetery to take some photos.

In the meantime, here are some pics of the coat I made a few months ago – the weather is finally cold enough to wear it, although I never thought I’d be excited about winter weather, I do love wearing my new coat!

IMG_0986 IMG_0987


A fall coat from a vintage Burda pattern

Well, winter is coming upon us again – despite the fact that it’s averaging about 90 degrees here still, I can’t help but feel that cold weather is right around the corner.  I really hate the cold, and winter in general, so one thing I tend to do every year is buy myself a new, cute coat, so that there’s something for me to get excited about when winter hits – well, this year, I decided I’d make myself a new coat instead.

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Katherine Pierce – bodice, part two

I had to put this project on the shelf for a little while because of the convention and making costumes for that.  The last time I blogged about this costume, I had finished constructing the bodice and was getting started on the skirt.  I’m still a little frustrated with the skirt and it’s taking some time to work through the issues I’m having with it, but today I took some time to (almost) finish trimming the bodice.

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