Vash the Stampede cosplay for ACen 2015

Okay, I haven’t mentioned this cosplay since I really wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out – but since ACen is, uh, this week, I better get blogging about it!  Me and two of my sisters are going to ACen on Saturday in Trigun cosplay – and I get to be Vash the Stampede! (⊙ꇴ⊙)

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Melody’s pink ball gown from The Little Mermaid 2

My sister’s pick for Anime Central this year was Melody in her pink ballgown from The Little Mermaid 2… and since there’s nothing I love more than a big fluffy ballgown, I was excited to tackle this project, which I thought would be fairly easy.  Rather, it should have been quite easy, but due to a combination of stress, extreme busyness, and tiredness and a lack of motivation on my part, this gown turned into a frustrating project that I had to slog through.

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