Luna cosplay – part one

So, an honest moment here.  This blog is not the best showcase of my work.  I do make some efforts at a more professional-looking blog, but it’s not high on my list of priorities.  Anyway, all of what I post here is probably only about half of what I make, and it’s not necessarily the better half – my best items are the ones I make for other people, where I hold myself to extremely high standards – higher than costumes I make for my own enjoyment.  So what you get here on my blog is a mix of the good and the bad – and naturally, there will be some total failures from time to time.

So… I had really big ambitions this past week.  It began with a wig.

I ordered a cheap blue wig from Ebay a while ago, for my Dark Althena cosplay, but when I decided to change to the Lucia cosplay instead, I realized that the wig wasn’t going to work.  Lucia’s hair is more teal, and the wig I had was definitely blue, and I find I’m extremely picky about certain things when it comes to cosplay.  So, I ordered another one in a more teal-ish color – no harm done, very little money wasted.

But that blue wig just stared at me.  I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stand the though of not using it – I did, after all, go to some trouble to style it and make it look presentable, including five days of soaking it in some fabric softener to get rid of the horrible cheap wig shine (as a result, my apartment still smells like a field of flowers some weeks later.)  I was really determined to get some good out of it, for whatever reason.  So I started thinking about costumes I could use it for and then I had this brilliant idea.

Duh – Luna.


I did some study of her costume, and broke it down into basically four parts – an underdress, a dress, a vest, and a shawl.  I thought to myself, this will be an easy make – I can probably get the whole thing done in less than a week!  Heck, I can probably get it done in a day!  I had plans to call this post “one-day cosplay” and show off how much you can get accomplished in a short amount of time.

Well – that plan got shot pretty quickly.  I severely underestimated this costume, and severely overestimated myself.

Of course, I wasn’t feeling my best this week to begin with, and I should know better than to try and sew too much when I’m already sick and tired – I always make mistakes.  But I overwhelmed myself with this costume.  I spent a good four days on it, and it’s still not done – it is nearly there; it’s 95% done according to my Cosplanner.  But it irks me that I didn’t finish it the way I planned.  Because, in theory, it should have been an easy make – it’s just four pieces, after all.

Well – on to the costume.

luna2 luna1 luna

Unlike the Lucia costume, there are some pretty good reference pics of Luna’s outfit.  What it looked like to me is that she has on a white underdress/shift type thing, followed by the yellow dress, then the blue and white overdress/vest/whatever, and the shawl tied around her hips.  I went digging through my newly-orginized stash, and found that I had nearly everything I needed – the only things I bought for this costume were some blue and purple remnants, and the fuzzy stuff for the bottom of her dress.


I started with the shift, and made it your basic white shift – almost identical to my 18th century shift, except it has no gussets under the arms.  It’s made from an old linen curtain I got at the thrift store (price tag read $2 for a pair) and I cut my pieces at the bottom so I didn’t even have to hem it.  Although, I realized later that it’s a bit too long, so I’ll have to hem it after all…

IMG_0301 IMG_0300

The yellow dress is made of some heavy yellow linen I’ve had laying around for a while now.  I was a little bit at a loss for how to build this – the image of Luna in her yellow dress shows it as being seamless with no visible opening or how to get it on.  You can see that it has a black collar and presumably laces or buttons at the neck.  I decided to open it up the front and make it lace up, cotehardie-style.  The hem is trimmed with maribou; I though that real (faux) fur would be too heavy and the maribou has a nice fluffy look to it.

The belt and the shawl are both finished, and the vest just needs a collar and closures put on for that to be finished, too – so really, this costume came together pretty well.  Just not as optimistically well as I wanted.  I’ll cover the vest and the shawl in my next post about this costume.

Bonus – here’s a pic of me modeling my wig, looking not-so-hot at six in the morning:


I can’t decide whether or not to be pleased with my progress on this costume as a whole – on one hand, I got a lot done in a fairly short amount of time, but on the other hand, I literally had no reason to make this costume except for that I wanted to challenge myself.  I could have been working on my Anime-Zap! costumes instead, because that’s coming up quite fast.  Oh well – at least I learned my own limitations, if nothing else.


wigs and such

I’m collecting wigs at rather a rapid pace these days.  eventually I’ll have to have enough so that I don’t have to buy a new one for a new costume, right?

anyhow, one of my recent purchases was this long, curled half-wig from Ebay, which I bought for two reasons – it was cheap, and I needed something for my renaissance costumes, because my own hair is not quite long enough yet.  and I actually don’t own a plain, long, brown wig – all my wigs are styled for certain costumes.  so I figured, hey, even if this half-wig turns out to be a cheap mess, I can butcher it for some other purpose, which is what I seem to end up doing anyway.

this thing is freaking amazing.

for reference, here’s my own hair:

Photo on 10-17-14 at 9.59 PM

it’s almost hitting my shoulders now, and I chopped it all off the august before last.  it’s getting to a manageable point again, but it’s not really anywhere near being useful for most costuming pursuits.

with the wig:

Photo on 10-17-14 at 9.53 PM Photo on 10-17-14 at 9.52 PM Photo on 10-17-14 at 9.51 PM

I bought it with the intention of styling it with some braids for renaissance-esque hair, but honestly, I think I might just wear this everyday.  it’s easy to wear and looks pretty close to natural.  I ordered light brown, and it’s still a little darker than my natural color, but more so at the ends – the color near the top is a fair match for my own.  it’s a little shinier than my natural hair too, but not obviously-wig-shiny.  and it’s honestly as easy as just plopping it on your head and pinning your bangs back over the front (a headband would work too, I imagine.)


I’ve got two more wigs coming in the mail soonish – a blue one and a pink one.  lately I’ve been thinking over the herculean task that is going to be styling my Black Lady wig, and coming up with a few ideas, but the thought of spending so much time on a wig I’m going to wear just once makes me want to just cringe.  however, the thought of doing a Black Lady costume with a sub-par wig makes me cringe even more.  if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right, right?

Ciel – sneak peak

I’m in the midst of tidying up my workspace (which is a shameful mess after three weeks of hardcore sewing) and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to do all the proper pictures of my Ciel gown.  It’s just about finished; I had to make an emergency run to the craft store today for trim and black ribbon, which stopped me from finishing it today.

anyway, have a little sneak preview:



“Ciel takes a selfie in the bathroom (complete with retro filter)”

I ordered this wig off Ebay for pretty cheap.  I weighed the price of an ultra-cheap black wig against the hassle it would be to style it properly (I’m not shakes with hair, real or fake) and decided to just go with the Ciel cosplay wig, which I’m satisfied with.  although I thought it would be more of a gray-black, it’s pretty blueish in real life.

anyway, the wig came in the mail this week, so naturally I had to try it on.  then once I had it on, of course I had to do a make-up run to make sure I knew what I was doing.  and once I got that far, I figured I might as well try the hat on, too, in case it was going to fall right off my head.  and eventually, I ended up with the whole shebang on.

I’ll do the proper write-up of this costume tomorrow.  then, after that, I have another costume to start on right away!  keeping myself busy, yes?

hedgehog wig and a dreamy creamy hat

I’ve been working on a lot of things recently.  My schedule at work changed, which leaves me with actually a lot more time for costuming.

in the past four weeks or so, I’ve whipped up an entirely new set of mid-18th century underthings (shift, strapless stays, two petticoats, and pockets,) a lovely velvet and fur pelisse for these beautiful Wisconsin winters (uck,) a big ol’ hedgehog wig, and a pretty little straw hat.  Unfortunately, the only things I have pictures of today are the latter two.


The wig was a super-cheap buy on Ebay, which I had to fiddle with quite a lot to make it look right.  It was supposed to be long and curly; when I got it out of the package, it was mostly straight, with some curl at the ends.  So I had to curl it, which took most of the time I spent on it.  It still needs some work, I think; it’s not quite as fluffy out the sides as I’d like.  The color is pretty close to my own, but it’s a little more red than my hair – you can’t tell in the picture, but in real life, I think it will need a little powdering to look just right.


I know it’s the middle of winter, but I wanted to make a summery type hat.  the hat is an ultra-cheap straw beach hat from Party City, and this was mostly an experiment to see if I could make it into something presentable, and I’m pleased with the end result.  I didn’t spend much effort on this; I just threw together some stuff from my ribbon stash to see what I could come up with.

I’d have some proper pictures of all of the items mentioned above, but my camera’s on the fritz at the moment.  I’m planning to do a proper photoshoot with all my winter items, maybe when the temperature outside gets back into positive degrees.

what’s on the table right now: a fur muff to match my pelisse, some 18th century style shoes (maybe with fur – why not have a whole matching set?) and a pierrot jacket which I’ve been working on the pattern on and off for some months now.  I’m really feeling motivated lately, so it’s possible I might actually finish all these things for once!